Enablon NA

Software Engineer:

This position required me to learn the proprietary language, Nabsic, and utilize it on a daily basis, alongside HTML, JavaScript and CSS. I also utilized Python to prototype algorithms, which I would then implement in Nabsic.

Notable accomplishments include:

  1. Created the framework that improved the performance on a customer case by 2800%, along with the ability to implement it in a number of different locations within our application.
  2. Troubleshooting and setting up a server for testing connections to a PI historian server.

A. Finkl & Sons

Information Systems Intern:

This position was split into two main responsibilities; Programming and Help desk. The programming side of the job utilized Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2013. We utilized the C# programming language with the Infragistics UI framework and SQL with PL/SQL. Programming consisted of modifying and updating previous projects. I updated and fixed a number of bugs, some of which were introduced by my previous release. I created a number of procedures to automate the notification of people who’s attention was required and work with the updated code.

The help desk included basic peripheral device replacements (mice, keyboard, monitors, etc.), space management, phone replacements (with number transfers), splicing wires (Cat6), and configuring servers. The job also allowed me to work on side projects for a number of things, including requests for other sections. These projects include working with Raspberry pies to replace larger computers at a fraction of the cost, and integrating a DVR to the network for internal research.

University of Illinois at Chicago’s Latino Cultural Center

Computer Administrator:

Maintain the center’s website by updating the events calendar, various pages, and files. I also helped maintain the computer’s and peripheral devices. Additional duties included helping with the center events; setting up tables and other devices for presentations.

United States Marine Corps

Information Systems Coordinator:

I worked with over 50 Windows computers and peripheral devices. Software and Hardware troubleshooting and repair. Maintained a classified (Secret) network site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; and the networked servers (both Secret and Unclassified). The website maintenance consisted of updating profiles, information, and design.

Tactical Data Systems Administrator:

Worked with a Data Link connecting various sites to provide intelligence on air craft and other vehicle movements. Trained and worked with Unix, Linux and Windows based operating systems. Trained with basic electronics, and repaired military and commercial hardware. Worked with NATO secret hardware.

Police Officer:

Worked as a gate guard and patrol officer. As a gate sentry, I performed ID checks, and provided information to guests. As a patrol officer, I patrolled the business and residential segments of our base. Occasionally providing support for an adjacent base. Trained with a hand gun, shot gun, and pepper spray. I also trained in self defense and restraint techniques; able to perform while pepper sprayed.


I was in charge of the discipline and coordination of my subordinates. I was also in charge of running a remedial physical fitness program for Marines that failed to meet the physical standards of the Marine Corps.

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