eLearning: StackSkills’ Productivity Management Course

The course

If you’re thinking of taking this course, I would be weary of the price on their site. It’s definitely not worth 297 that’s advertised on their course page! http://stackskills.com/courses/productivity-hacks

I did purchase it as a bundle, totaling 19 USD. This course alone would not be worth the 19 dollars, so I’m hoping the other course is able to provide me with the knowledge that my money wasn’t completely wasted; though at this point I doubt it. The productivity hacks was the more interesting of the two courses and it was hardly that.

Why I wouldn’t recommend it

It starts off with tools that are easily found online, if one were willing to look, and then it continues with more online tools, and finally a couple of interviews that are better left for podcasts; which, incidentally, they provide as one of the additional downloads at the end.

The tools aren’t all that bad, in fact, I could see myself using them in the future. Toggl, is pretty useful now; for time management. I’m using it right now. Is learning about it worth 19USD… I don’t think so. The guy claims to have spent several compiling the lists of tools, and figuring out how to use them, but he doesn’t really teach you much with regard to how to integrate them into your life. They’re more along the lines of quick mentions. Fiverr is another one of the tools mentioned in the video that is intriguing. Apparently, for 5USD, or more depending on the task, you can outsource any of your activities! Given that someone has offered them. If you want an assignment done, or a logo created, there’s someone willing to do it! There was even one person offering to take your online course, and guarantee’s an A! Still, the person did not create this tool, and only mentioned it from time to time.

After the tools, he begins to do a few interviews. These were definitely made to be podcasts! The video quality was hardly professional, and the video player from this site was not playing the entire video. I had to pause, then continue playing it, otherwise it would finish playing the video and return to the start before the video was complete. The first interview was him talking about another series he was working on; I’m currently looking into that series. And the second was an interview with a person (Dan Miller) who works with creating mastermind groups. He was fairly interesting. The idea of a mastermind group was interesting, though the entire interview was very vague. The instructor seemed to praise Dan a lot more than he did ask him questions about what the exact tool was, and how people are to use it. It was definitely covered a bit, but he did more selling his other class, and talking about Dan’s class as well. Again, more of a fit for a free podcast than a paid course.

Overall, this class was a bust. Hardly professional, and it only seemed to be advertisement for other tools and courses. The tools are fine, and some are even useful to me now, but the course was not at all worth 19USD. Given that it was bundled, it wasn’t even worth half of that. I’ll review the second course in the following week. Hopefully it’s better than this course!