Quick tip: Github + Dropbox = Awesome!

Just figured this out myself. As I’m trying to get both of my machines up and running with all of the latest goodies. Git, gitHub and QT have been installed. Of course, I’m using these for the course project in one of my courses. So, I simply commit, save and move to the next machine. Qt notices the changes, and updates, and git keeps it real online. 

QT of course, does a little bit of the syncing as well. Not quite sure what it is, since I still have to commit through gitHub. I’ve more or less streamlined this process. My main machine is on a treadmill desk, and then I have my mac book air, which I use for notes and coding. 64 gb doesn’t give you room for much else. So, working with what I’ve got, and dropbox/git are making it a little easier. 

Personally, I prefer the gitHub software for the mac, it’s more intuitive. Though, once you realize what’s going on with the windows version, not too bad. Had a little issue syncing at first… then I realized it’s not just about putting commands on the terminal. Seems faster than clicking, but I think I’ll stick to the app for the quick updates. Loving version control so far! 


Installing git on Windows

Simple enough, I believe. I started off with git, from their site. LINK
That installed without a hitch, very easy instructions. And then I installed the github program (also for windows). Since I’m learning more about a variety of programming languages, and have started using F# and C#, now learning about SQLite I’d get full use of both machines. I’ve been programming, mainly on my Macbook Air; using mono. Mainly since it was easy to use SSh, command line compilation, and everything is a general one place shop for developing. Though, gdb seems to be a problem now on OS X 10.8. 

Another incentive for installing on both machines. I see a lot of job applications, or internship applications saying that they are looking for people with experience in .NET and mono is the same, from what I can tell. I would suggest both being used, for anyone learning. Especially since you don’t really know what hardware or software you’ll be working on, for the most part. Be ready for anything. 

Playing with git and gitHub

I’ve set up the repository earlier, and have just cloned it onto my machine. Aside from that, I installed the gitHub app for mac on my Air (there is apparently a windows version, and a mobile version?) First thoughts, I like it. It’s direct, and shows me what’s on the site, without having to be on the browser. Having a little fun with a test file, and am ready to help anyone install and do some basic commands. Looking to learn how to use the branch and merge commands to git. I do most of my coding on the command line, but will also be practicing with QT.