CS 340 Project Design

CS 340 Project Design

This is our current design–still missing a few components. The images were from Microsoft Office Word 2011 for Mac, and I’m using them for non-profit! Will update the design when all members start getting their code on github, and we get a better idea of how this is going to work together.

No, Really. GitHub and DropBox together… lifesavers.

I was in a rush on Saturday I’m staying over my girlfriends apartment for part of the weekend, and I was going to work off of my macbook air. I believe I saved all of the data, and made sure to commit my last saved updates from QT creator. Unfortunately, I did not save all of the files before committing. So, this morning, I was trying to see if the commit just didn’t sync last night, and it was not. 

Needless to say, I was in a little bit of a panic, thinking I would have to delay any productivity until I synced from my home machine. BUT! I gave it a second thought. Remembering that, though I ignored the autosaves from being committed to the repository. Still think adding the autosaves to the repository was a good choice. They would’ve cluttered up the repository quickly, especially if you have 4 people working on the project at the same time. This way, the dropbox seemed like the perfect place for the autosaves. Though, I didn’t really think much about the autosaves in the first places. I did recover all the saves and realized what was going on. Since the dropbox folder was autosyncing to both machines, it was, more or less, as if I were working in the same directory. Which, in this case, turned out to be quite beneficial. 

Work saved, unintentionally, but none the less, time was saved! And, I am glad I worked off of the dropbox folder, instead of two separate repositories. 

Continuation of CS 340 computer design project

So far we’ve come up with the ideas for the project, and have a generally sketched idea as to what it will look like. 

I’ve been thinking about what structs and functions to create. Also, what exactly will be needed inside of the structs. I’ll have to interact with all of the other frames within the game, and need to figure out how to integrate our parts together. Currently, I’m expecting there to be a shift in frame during key points. If something is selected, like p for pause, the pause menu will come up. If a person searches, and an adversary is found, then the battle screen will come up. Once the final boss is beaten, then the credits will roll! Never used QT before, but it doesn’t seem like that will be a problem.

I was thinking I could use the bubbles as nodes, since only one can be checked at a time. Also, I will need a function to make a next node available, along with one that changes the node from visible, to unvisited, to visited. A function will take a HERO node, and change the iamhere pointer to the current world. The world is going to be a list of nodes with a pointer to top, bottom, left, right. Once that is created, I can set each one to a specific coordinate in the qt window. The HERO will be able to traverse in the directions mentioned above. The node strut will need a few booleans, at least: inspected?, available?, requireKey?, color?. 

We currently have a seminar today, and have notified the rest of the group members that I will not be going to the today. The seminar is on operating systems, which is 1. related to a course that I am taking, and 2. a very interesting topic! The lab today is going to ask us to create a github account and install git. I’ve already created a repository on bitBucket, but had to change it yesterday to gitHub since the professor insists on using this. I’ve already created a new repository. The other members have created their new accounts, and are now contributors for our project.

I am requesting a meetup soon, since we need to see how everyone is doing. Discuss the structs, styles and other brainstorming for the project. If any of the other members decide to go to the seminar, I am also going to help them set up git on their machines, if they need help doing so.  (reading gitPro)

Design: Handing in our first write up

We’ve separated the project into four parts. Each part will be worked on by a different member of the group. I’ll be working on the map design and functionality. The other three parts include the story screen, the pause and item menu, and the battle mode. So far we have the map design and battle mode sections of the write up complete; still waiting on the story and pause menu to be completed. 

For the map section, I decided on something a little easier at first, and may be made more complex, time permitting. Will be working with nodes, each node will have a randomish chance of finding an enemy, or a smaller chance of finding a key required to get to the bosses node. Each node will also require being inspected, before the next node is available. Each node may be revisited multiple times, though once the world key is found, it will not show up again in the same world. The next world will only be available through the bosses node, which is going to have a link to the next world. In essence, it will currently be one long liked list, with a pointer to up, down, left, and right. 

Another potential with is to have an open world, that is not restricted to moving between nodes, but have nodes that will activate when passed through, and will have a chance to find an item, or an attacker. A bit of a run on sentence, but had to get it out. This might make finding the item rather irritating to find, and make the game less enjoyable. Hence the nodes for enjoyment. There may be chests, or some special areas designated to search for the item, and thus a more likely employable strategy. 

That’s my ideas on the current project, at least as far as the map goes. 

Style for our Project

Before we start any coding, the professor discussed some formatting issues, and how to design our code, especially for working in groups. We’ll need to make things clear. I’m looking over the google coding style now, and will push for this style, instead of spending time trying to create one of our own. I wish ctl z would just take you back a page, so much easier than hitting the back button or using the swipe feature IMO. Then again, I’m getting a little too used to the ctl options :P. 

iOS 7 is finally installed on my iPhone, trying to get it to work on the iPad now, no dice yet. Still stuck on the verification. Too many people trying to update at the same time! 

iOS 7 and starting Program Design project

Finished discussing our upcoming project for CS340 Program Designs. Started installing the iOS 7 software earlier for my iPhone and not even half way done, over an hour wait so far. Plus the 16gb version leaves very little space for fun. Had to remove a good amount of programs to get it to install. And I just started upgrading my iPad, really hope nothings goes wrong with these devices, phew. Taking a chance that iOS 7 is functionally bug free. 

Our project is a mini RPG, at least that’s what we’re aiming for. Will be working with a Zelda/Pokemon style game, unfortunately none of us are artsy, so the graphics may leave something to be desired. May implement multiple worlds, and a variety of upgrades. We are currently planning on having 3 screen types: Pause menu, with various upgrade and item manipulation; World screen, where the character moves around and may interact with other NPCs to get side quests; and a battle screen, which is self explanatory. 

Just had the other group members set up a bitbucket account. In course we were asked to install Deoxygen, which we’ll be using for the documentation. So far so good, I hope.