CS 340 Semester Project (Group)

Project Title:                  Pirate Adventure

Project Description:

The project was originally set to be an RPG in the theme of a GDB debugger hero which was going to wreak havoc on a set of bugs that have dishonored his/her family. Though this was our initial intent, we thought about who our target audience was. Due to the time constraint and the complexity of getting a game together, we decided that the best type of game to make was a child’s game. And that is were the idea for a pirate adventure game came from. It was partially inspired by PokeMon and Zelda, as can be seen in the battle system and the map traversal.

Here is a youtube link to the demo of our current game:

And for the code, here is a link to our gitHub repository:


Group Members:
Alex Sapozhnikov: In Charge of the Battles and Combat Engine.
Daniel A. Noventa: In Charge of Maps and Map Traversal
Jaime Ramirez: In Charge of Pause and Battle Menus
Junchao Zhu: In Charge of Story Intro and Extro


Currently, there is no smooth transition between the Story mode and the rest of the code. It didn’t quite fit with the other’s as smoothly as we had hoped, but we were able to include it at launch of the game. Simply close the window to get to the main game starting screen. The map did have a number of issues at first, notably characters getting caught in the walls and eventually able to walk through them. This was fixed by making a move then checking for collision and correcting for it if it occurred, instead of previously, where I checked for the collision then moved, then updated. It wasn’t quite obvious at first, but I kicked myself after figuring it out.

The battle mode had a few issues getting the images to show up on a different persons machine. So Alex would have it working on his, and on my machine it would just show blank spaces with numbers on the bottom. This was due to the different locations of the image files in his repository and mine. At some point in the middle, we had to start the entire project over due to an abundant number of issue with building. Also, using Qt Creator on a Windows machine then moving to a Mac was a bit of an issue at times. There were a number of conflicts and also another set of compilation issues that were randomly solved, or avoided. Finally, the story mode is still a bit of an issue, since it is not smoothly transitioning trough the game. It is now showing, just no real way to close the window aside from the standard window closing.

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