Personal Projects:

This is where I’ll be posting some of my own projects, either as gifts, or of my own design, or both! I’ve always loved to take things apart, put them back together, and on occasion make some odd contraption! So, I’ll definitely be having some fun with these. Aside from hardware, I’ll also be working with the software and random other tid-bits. Essentially anything DYI will be here. Even some non-tech related projects.

Course Projects:

Throughout my course work, I’ve come across a few projects that were worth revisiting, and some not worth it, but fun to go back to anyways. I’ve saved a lot of these and now that I have this site, I’ll post some revisits, along with projects that I come across now! (Yes, this is one heck of a run on sentence!).

ACM Projects:

My local ACM has a number of Special Interest Groups (Sigs) with a number of various types of projects. I’ll be posting the projects that we work on in this section of the site. Code and links will also be included, if available. So far, they’ve been a lot of fun!

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