Personal Projects

There’s a few ideas that I’ve gotten from my friends. Mainly as gifts, but still, there will be some considerable work involved. The hardware will probably be the easiest, at least at first. I’ll eventually make some attempts at creating my own designs. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some tricks from the mentors at Hackillinois! Haha, really excited to be working with some of that hardware. 😀

With Friends:

RxBeautyChic : Is a site I helped develop, alongside my friend and site owner. I worked primarily with the nitty gritty side of the code, and site navigation. I also listened to her specifications, and implemented them, to her satisfaction. I worked with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and JQuery in the site. Images and content were designed by her (Yijia Luo) and her friend (the artist).

Hackathon Projects:

HackIllinois 2014 – OnCall: This was a pretty awesome experience, as my first hackathon. I ended up coming with no team members, and there was only one guy looking for a team member. His idea was to work on a routing service to route calls to a specific person. We ended up having some similar backgrounds; him being a current volunteer for a crisis line, and me having volunteered as a victims advocate. So, this would help those non-profit services reduce the costs by potentially 10 fold! And remove the inconvenience of having to trade off phones from volunteer to volunteer. Our project is fairly simple, we have a data base that holds all of the volunteers and modifies the API url (using Django and Python). Then there is a web interface (using HTML and Javascript) which allows the volunteers to enter their scheduled times online. Last, but definitely not least, we used the Twilio API to route the calls using twimlets url–though we modify it with our own code.

It works by having a user ( a potentially suicidal individual – PSI ) call our help line. The twilio phone number, using our web app in the heroku repository, calls the scheduled volunteers in order –for future releases we would use a least recently called method of calling. After this the user would either get in contact with a volunteer or sent to a voice messaging service–this is obviously not what we would want, but we don’t want to test call the police! In a real life implementation, if the volunteers were not accessible, the PSI would be connected with an emergency service.

And, it is on Github!

Daniel A. Noventa
James Mishra <- really awesome guy, pretty much a genius!


Stuffed Animal with Chip: Well, my friends may or may not be seeing this, and I’d like to keep it a bit of a surprise. I’m taking a stuffed animal, and performing a sort of brain surgery, mwahahahaha! Not really. There’s  a really nifty kit that I purchased ( I’ll mainly be practicing with the Arduino IDE to alter the code a bit. I’d like the toy to say her name, and alternate through a few phrases, Gemma chip memory willing.

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