My Interests


I’ve been a fan of boxing for quite some time. Even during my time in Iraq, I was able to train in the ring with some of the contenders. I wouldn’t think of going in the ring, mainly because I like my brain cells where they are.

Obstacle Courses:

Also a physical activity, but with a little more problem solving. The thinking man’s running! And also the teammate’s running. While running can be a team activity, obstacle courses are, to a greater degree, a team sport. Especially spartan races, which require the help of other people–strangers even–to accomplish the course. Even if their help isn’t needed, it’s always nice to help them out.



Whether it be an audio book, an e-book, or a plain old physical book; reading is an excellent and intellectually rewarding hobby of mine. This is clear from the number and variety of books I’ve added to my goodreads list.


Nature Outings:

They are always an excellent time to relax, and enjoy the wonders of nature.



I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for a few years now. Whether it be a short walk, or a longer bout of sitting, I try to practice mindfulness during various times of my day.


Well, obviously! It’s not just a career, but a way of life! Whether it be advancing technologies, or new ways of doing old things. I was sold on this path when I heard a professor say, “There’s a million ways to do the same thing.” And that is one of the things that make it seem so limitless. I am more than happy to embrace new technologies, and constantly aspire to learn them (thank goodness for e-learning!).

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