A knowledge seeker in various aspects of life. Highly interested in understanding various facets of the world, whether technological or cultural. Curiosity is ingrained into this specimen, and keeps him thirsting for more information. He is calm and relatively quiet in new environments, though he quickly warms up to inviting faces. He enjoys being taken for long walks, and works tirelessly on his walking desk throughout the day. He prefers to avoid conflict, but if conflict is not avoidable, he aspires to calm the situation and understand all parties involved.



Loves a good work/life balance, though understands that emergencies arise; which would lead one or the other to come first at the appropriate times.



He is a larger breed, and is therefore above average in height. He has broad shoulders, which are excellent for lifting larger weights. His cranium is also quite large, potentially to house, and protect his most valued possession; his brain.



His eyes are brown in color, and can seem almost golden when in direct sunlight. When he smiles, his eyes are generally closed. This is most evident during hearty laughter.



Large, and can hear very minute sounds and whispers.



A bit on the larger size, to match his body’s frame. It is also oval shaped, with an indentation on the back. Potentially from a fall incurred during childhood, or from the length of time spent laying in bed as a pup.



He has a protruding muzzle, which exceeds the chin and the forehead. It is not obnoxiously long, nor is it too small; some would say it is just right.



He is capable of growing them, though customary grooming habits in his environment along with the dislike for them by his partner have made him  incapable of growing them out to their full glory.



He has a scissor bite and crooked teeth; not uncommon in his breed.



The tail in his race has long been rare. In the cases that it does appear, it has been nothing short of an appendage. It is no surprise that this specimen does not have a visible tail.



They are broad and not completely unmuscular. They have been worked more aggressively since his departure from the University life, and are expected to become more muscular in the coming months to years.



His workouts have not completely discounted the importance of legs, they are an essential part of his regiment. Furthermore, as he is aspiring to complete a marathon this year, he is training them with prejudice. They are a bit on the hairy side, though not offensively so.



In his most recent experience, his coats have been of the Columbia category. His coat has changed through the years, from full black to tan brown and white; a grey coat has been spotted, though rarely.



He is privy to the color red, though that may have been a bias from an early age admiration for the red ninja turtle (Raphael). He is also known to enjoy the following colors: maroon, orange, yellow, brown, forest green, turquoise, purple, navy blue, magenta, mint green, grey, crimson, and violet.

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