Course Projects

Course Projects

Pirate Adventure: The project was originally set to be an RPG in the theme of a GDB debugger hero which will wreak havoc on a set of bugs that have dishonored his/her family. Though this was our initial intent, we thought about who our target audience was. Due to the time constraint and the complexity of getting a game together, we decided that the best type of game to make was a child’s game. And that is were the idea for a pirate adventure game came from. It was partially inspired by PokeMon and Zelda, as can be seen in the battle system and the map traversal.

Here is a youtube link to the demo of our current game: Pirate Adventure

And for the code, here is a link to our gitHub repository:

Group Members:
Alex Sapozhnikov: In Charge of the Battles and Combat Engine.
Daniel A. Noventa: In Charge of Maps and Map Traversal
Jaime Ramirez: In Charge of Pause and Battle Menus
Junchao Zhu: In Charge of Story Intro and Extro


Galactic Conquest: One of two parts of a  project. This one involves completing code for a project that was developed last semester. Last semester, they had to develop a board game, and create a plan for testing and features. This semester, we will implement it. The second part will be the development, using Agile techniques, in a stock market, or business application.

Here is a YouTube link to a demo video: Galactic Conquest

Contributors: Adebayo Kehinde, Alex Sapozhnikov, Daniel Noventa (myself), Julio Chavarria

Revisited Course Work

Number Guessing Game: This was assigned to one of my friends in a class teaching C. Just made it using C++. It was a game where you are to guess the numbers randomly generated by the machine. Much easier this time around. And it’s on github!

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