Yahoo Is Shutting Down IntoNow, Nearly Three Years After Acquisition

Yeah, I don’t think people are proud of how much TV they watch. Obvious failure, then you throw advertising into the mix! Especially more recently, advertisements feel more like an insult to my intelligence, rather than a proposition to buy something useful. Flo… An atom splitter is not the same as bond breaker.

Study shows 99% of mobile malware in 2013 targeted Android devices

Glad I’ve got an iPhone! 😀


Stay safe, Android(s goog) users: According to Cisco’s(s csco) annual security report, 99 percent of all malware in 2013 targeted Android devices. In addition to this, Android users also had the highest encounter rate (71 percent) with all forms of web-delivered malware (which you can see in the graphic below).

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 2.35.03 PM

Don’t let this scare you out of using your phone or tablet: The real-life problem isn’t quite as dramatic as the numbers make it sound. The report notes that mobile malware that targets specific devices only accounted for 1.2 percent of malware encounters (the rest primarily involved phishing, likejacking and forcible redirects on the web). And according to Cisco, the most commonly encountered form of malware was Andr/Qdplugin-A, which was often disguised alongside legitimate apps and sold through unofficial marketplaces. So as long as you stick to Google Play you’re far safer from a security perspective.

Also worth noting is…

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