ACM Projects


Peer-to-Peer Chat Client: We are working on a peer-to-peer chat client. We are using Python(with the tkinter framework), and git (using a repository provided by our local ACM organization). We are also using Trello to organize our project, and pick tasks. The chat client is currently in it’s early phases, and have some working code done.


3D interface: We have completed a 3D interface, though the project as of now is a failure. We are moving on, and tinkering with this one as we proceed with other projects. It may have been do to some inconsistencies with our hardware and cables. So, we will take it apart and put it back together. We used an Arduino Duo chip, the Processing IDE (with pre-made code by Make), and Arduino IDE (also utilizing pre-made code by Make).


Custom LED Display: We’ve taken some ideas with LED’s and a power source to design our own moving light display. We will be using an Arduino micro-controller, and a series of pieces to design a spherical rotating light display. I’m sure you’ve seen a clock that alternates from left to right, and rapidly showing the time. This will be similar to that, though using a spherical rotating design. The display, as of yet, has not been determined. We are thinking of a gremlin, or other design.

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