I’ve been into technology since I was in grade school; playing with electricity and currents, then moving on to breaking apart computers and seeing what made them tick. In high school, I started programming before I knew what programming was! I wrote out all of the components inside of a program, then tried to modify it into a new game. Somewhere along the lines, I also met my first bug.

My first work official job was for the Unites States Marines, where I worked on Unix and Linux computers; creating scripts, maintaining websites, and maintaining hardware. I was also tasked with various leadership roles and attained the rank of Sergeant before departing. Afterwards I worked at the Latino Cultural Center of UIC; maintaining and designing their website, updating the calendar, and fixing various computer related issues. Between that and my last employment, I conducted research with Professor Morgan-Short in the field of cognitive research and acquisition of foreign languages. At my last internship I worked on C# in the .NET 4.5 framework, and SQL. I also worked on various projects to reduce spending, including: replacing full size computers with raspberry pies for security monitoring and recording a live feed to measure gas fluctuations in the melting pots.

Currently, I am working on my skills with C++ in preparation for the technical interviews. I am also working on my skills in various aspects through online courses, including: Swift iOS with XCode, C# with Visual Studios 2013, Chinese with Rosetta Stone and various professional development courses through Udemy.