David Cross Is Letting Fans Name Their Price And Download His First Film Creation Hits On BitTorrent

Haha, such an awesome idea! Pay what you want!!


Actor David Cross is foregoing the usual indie film distribution model for his darkly satirical film HITS. He’s letting the public pay whatever they want to download it on BitTorrent for the first two weeks, starting this Friday, February 13.

But is this really the best way to distribute something that the film’s producers have worked so hard on?

Cross and his producers said they already had plenty of offers at the film’s Sundance premiere in 2014, but that most of them were from the same old “cookie-cutter” distribution proposals.

“You know the sort of thing; a poster, a trailer, ten cities, some New York Times ads and then VOD simultaneously or shortly thereafter,” explained the film’s producer Giles Andrews. “The idea that HITS was going to go through the sausage factory for independent film distribution didn’t fit with the type of film David had made.”

The film starring Meredith…

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