Getting Girls Into Programming, One Children’s Book At A Time


I normally dislike writing about the issue of women in the technology industry. The media either ends up treating female entrepreneurs with kid gloves or the conversation ends up in some emotionally charged place where people feel angry or violated. And then we’ve made little progress.

Are there systematic biases embedded in the industry? Are women not leaning in hard enough? Do we not have enough role models? All of the above?

One thing is clear, however. There are just not enough women in the pipeline starting from as early as K-12 schools. If less than 20 percent of computer science degrees are awarded to women in the first place, how can we expect a proportionate number of women to move forward into entrepreneurship or engineering careers?

So that’s why it’s refreshing to see someone intervene at such an early stage, and in such a playful, delightful way.

Linda Liukas

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