Yahoo Will Follow Google In Encrypting Data Center Traffic, Customer Data Flow By Q1 ’14

Excellent, gotta love a company that has your back!


Yahoo has announced this morning that it will make all traffic flowing between its data centers encrypted by Q1 of 2014. This follows moves by other companies like Google to do so after recent revelations about the NSA’s data gathering sparked concern and outrage.

Yahoo’s announcement, made by CEO Marissa Mayer, outlines a plan to encrypt all of the data that moves between its data centers internally. Yahoo recently announced plans for 2048-bit key SSL encryption in Yahoo Mail by January 8th, 2014. Other encryption plans for the company include offering encryption for all data traveling between Yahoo and its customers by the end of Q1 ’14 as well. Yahoo says that it will work with all of its co-branded international Mail partners to ensure that at least the basic HTTPS protocol is enabled.

“As you know, there have been a number of reports over the last six months about the…

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Sensor overload? Rise is a wearable that tracks how much you sit

Sitting WILL kill you!!


Christopher Fryer and Morgan Redfield met this July at a startup event, and to hear Fryer tell it, the meeting was Kismet. Fryer has recently converted to the church of Sitting Will Kill You and Redfield was an engineering graduate who wrote his masters thesis on algorithms to adapt fitness trackers for amputees. And both wanted to build a device that would help others try to change their sitting habits.

So the two worked for the last four months on building a prototype device, called Rise, that is the size of a quarter and measures how much time you spend sitting. You wear the device in your pants pocket (it has to stay in the range of your thigh/quadriceps for now) and when you sit, it tracks that, and when you stand, it notes that. The two are using Indiegogo to raise money to fund the build out of the…

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Why Apple Bought $578M Worth Of Sapphire In Advance

I wouldn’t mind having a Sapphire screen. Hopefully it’s also smudge resistant.


Apple is building a manufacturing plant in Arizona that will be used by GT Advanced Technologies to make sapphire crystals for use in its products. Apple currently uses sapphire in its home buttons and camera lens covers, but several details about the material itself and the nature of its deal with GT indicate that it could be expanding its interests in the hard crystalline substance over the next several years.

Sapphire, specifically synthetic, manufactured sapphire, has several properties that make it of interest to Apple. First of all, sapphire is superior to glass, even Corning’s Gorilla Glass material, in several ways. Synthetic sapphire has no color, as it’s a single crystal grown to be optically transparent — making it look very similar to glass. But it’s also extremely hard — 9 on the Mohs scale — which means better scratch resistance.

“Chemically strengthened glass can be excellent, but sapphire is…

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13 TED Talks to cheer you up on a bad day

Haha, here’s a cute list of some inspiring TED talks. Seen less than half of these, but the one on “before I die…” is one of my all time favorite.

TED Blog

It’s a widely documented fact: bad days are cumulative. They begin with pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, only to find that you’re out of milk. They escalate with discovering that the hot water isn’t working in the shower, and they percolate over a terrible morning commute. Add in a thunderstorm or an unexpected tiff with a co-worker and, well, it is all downhill from there. Your bad day will keep on rolling, picking up more and more material as it spins, like a tumbleweed of annoyance.

Bad days are the worst. But these TED Talks are very likely to cheer you up. Enjoy.

[ted_talkteaser id=1283]Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude
What better to do on a meh day than to stop and smell the flowers? Photographer Louie Schwartzberg’s talk lets you do that very quickly, as he gives them to you in timelapse form. This talk meditates on the…

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CS 340 Project Design

CS 340 Project Design

This is our current design–still missing a few components. The images were from Microsoft Office Word 2011 for Mac, and I’m using them for non-profit! Will update the design when all members start getting their code on github, and we get a better idea of how this is going to work together.