Could Fitness Be The Killer App For Google Glass? Race Yourself Crowd Funds £100K For GlassFit App

And, this would make me want to get the google glass… let’s hope the GPS can sync better than my Nike tom tom watch. Sometimes, I just run, and it never syncs… This would also be nifty for WAR!!! Now, you don’t need to feel when you’re shot, the screen just lets you know your injured!!


Disney Just Figured Out Virtual Textures, Letting You ‘Feel’ Bumps and Ridges on a Touchscreen

Wow, this would be pretty sweet! Imagine this on an iPad! Haha, would make brail for blind peeps much better, iPad can become a learning device for peeps with sensory deficiencies (or other tablets too). And.. of course, the porn industry would probably have some fun with it.


Run your fingers lightly over the image of a spiny, striated fossil on one of Disney’s new “textured” touchscreens and your nerve endings will lie to your brain. That’s no mere flat picture, say the signals coming from your fingers, it’s a bumpy object pressing out of the screen like one of those faces pushed through a sheet in a horror flick.

Disney — yes, that Disney, of Walt and Mickey and Donald fame — says it’s thanks to a haptic feedback algorithm created in one of its Disney Research labs that allows you to feel textures across an otherwise smooth surface. The algorithm works by deploying subtle vibrations through a special electro-vibration-based display that tricks fingers (or really, the brain) into thinking there’s dimensionality to the object beneath the surface. As your fingers skate across the level image, those vibrations allow you to explore the image’s simulated bumps and ridges.

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Playing with git and gitHub

I’ve set up the repository earlier, and have just cloned it onto my machine. Aside from that, I installed the gitHub app for mac on my Air (there is apparently a windows version, and a mobile version?) First thoughts, I like it. It’s direct, and shows me what’s on the site, without having to be on the browser. Having a little fun with a test file, and am ready to help anyone install and do some basic commands. Looking to learn how to use the branch and merge commands to git. I do most of my coding on the command line, but will also be practicing with QT.

Continuation of CS 340 computer design project

So far we’ve come up with the ideas for the project, and have a generally sketched idea as to what it will look like. 

I’ve been thinking about what structs and functions to create. Also, what exactly will be needed inside of the structs. I’ll have to interact with all of the other frames within the game, and need to figure out how to integrate our parts together. Currently, I’m expecting there to be a shift in frame during key points. If something is selected, like p for pause, the pause menu will come up. If a person searches, and an adversary is found, then the battle screen will come up. Once the final boss is beaten, then the credits will roll! Never used QT before, but it doesn’t seem like that will be a problem.

I was thinking I could use the bubbles as nodes, since only one can be checked at a time. Also, I will need a function to make a next node available, along with one that changes the node from visible, to unvisited, to visited. A function will take a HERO node, and change the iamhere pointer to the current world. The world is going to be a list of nodes with a pointer to top, bottom, left, right. Once that is created, I can set each one to a specific coordinate in the qt window. The HERO will be able to traverse in the directions mentioned above. The node strut will need a few booleans, at least: inspected?, available?, requireKey?, color?. 

We currently have a seminar today, and have notified the rest of the group members that I will not be going to the today. The seminar is on operating systems, which is 1. related to a course that I am taking, and 2. a very interesting topic! The lab today is going to ask us to create a github account and install git. I’ve already created a repository on bitBucket, but had to change it yesterday to gitHub since the professor insists on using this. I’ve already created a new repository. The other members have created their new accounts, and are now contributors for our project.

I am requesting a meetup soon, since we need to see how everyone is doing. Discuss the structs, styles and other brainstorming for the project. If any of the other members decide to go to the seminar, I am also going to help them set up git on their machines, if they need help doing so.  (reading gitPro)

How to Possibly Fix iOS 7 iMessage Failures Until Apple Does

Yeah, I usually restart it. Otherwise, I have to send the message as a text.

I believe it did start with iOS 7.0.2.


Do you use iMessage, Apple’s freebie chat client? Did you upgrade to iOS 7, or more specifically, iOS 7.0.2? Are you having to resend messages to get them to go through?

Apple feels your pain, to the extent that it’s acknowledged the problem and issued the following statement:

We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will have a fix available in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, we encourage any users having problems to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to help resolve their issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes impacted users.

It’s not clear what’s causing the error, but initial reports began popping up over the weekend and appear to coincide (though this is just speculation) with the release of iOS 7.0.2, which dropped on Thursday, September 26. If you poke around

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