No, Really. GitHub and DropBox together… lifesavers.

I was in a rush on Saturday I’m staying over my girlfriends apartment for part of the weekend, and I was going to work off of my macbook air. I believe I saved all of the data, and made sure to commit my last saved updates from QT creator. Unfortunately, I did not save all of the files before committing. So, this morning, I was trying to see if the commit just didn’t sync last night, and it was not. 

Needless to say, I was in a little bit of a panic, thinking I would have to delay any productivity until I synced from my home machine. BUT! I gave it a second thought. Remembering that, though I ignored the autosaves from being committed to the repository. Still think adding the autosaves to the repository was a good choice. They would’ve cluttered up the repository quickly, especially if you have 4 people working on the project at the same time. This way, the dropbox seemed like the perfect place for the autosaves. Though, I didn’t really think much about the autosaves in the first places. I did recover all the saves and realized what was going on. Since the dropbox folder was autosyncing to both machines, it was, more or less, as if I were working in the same directory. Which, in this case, turned out to be quite beneficial. 

Work saved, unintentionally, but none the less, time was saved! And, I am glad I worked off of the dropbox folder, instead of two separate repositories. 

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