Installing git on Windows

Simple enough, I believe. I started off with git, from their site. LINK
That installed without a hitch, very easy instructions. And then I installed the github program (also for windows). Since I’m learning more about a variety of programming languages, and have started using F# and C#, now learning about SQLite I’d get full use of both machines. I’ve been programming, mainly on my Macbook Air; using mono. Mainly since it was easy to use SSh, command line compilation, and everything is a general one place shop for developing. Though, gdb seems to be a problem now on OS X 10.8. 

Another incentive for installing on both machines. I see a lot of job applications, or internship applications saying that they are looking for people with experience in .NET and mono is the same, from what I can tell. I would suggest both being used, for anyone learning. Especially since you don’t really know what hardware or software you’ll be working on, for the most part. Be ready for anything. 

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