Could Fitness Be The Killer App For Google Glass? Race Yourself Crowd Funds £100K For GlassFit App

And, this would make me want to get the google glass… let’s hope the GPS can sync better than my Nike tom tom watch. Sometimes, I just run, and it never syncs… This would also be nifty for WAR!!! Now, you don’t need to feel when you’re shot, the screen just lets you know your injured!!


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 14.10.59

With Google Glass yet-to-launch publicly, the jury is still out on what will be the wearable computer’s killer apps. With its hands-free operation, pedestrian navigation and points-of-interest seem an obvious use-case. But perhaps exercise could be another. That’s certainly the opinion of London-based Race Yourself, which has already raised over £100,000 in seed funding on the equity-crowdfunding platform CrowdCube to help it launch its fitness app for Glass.

Building on the tracking/motivation premise of something like RunKeeper or Nike Fuel Band, the idea behind GlassFit is to gamify running or other types of exercise by utilising the kinds of augmented reality experiences that are possible on Glass. So, for example, imagine racing live against your previous all-time ‘personal best’, or your average time 3 months ago, or anytime in your GlassFit history. There will be social features, too, so you can race against friends.

The same idea is being…

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