iOS 7 and starting Program Design project

Finished discussing our upcoming project for CS340 Program Designs. Started installing the iOS 7 software earlier for my iPhone and not even half way done, over an hour wait so far. Plus the 16gb version leaves very little space for fun. Had to remove a good amount of programs to get it to install. And I just started upgrading my iPad, really hope nothings goes wrong with these devices, phew. Taking a chance that iOS 7 is functionally bug free. 

Our project is a mini RPG, at least that’s what we’re aiming for. Will be working with a Zelda/Pokemon style game, unfortunately none of us are artsy, so the graphics may leave something to be desired. May implement multiple worlds, and a variety of upgrades. We are currently planning on having 3 screen types: Pause menu, with various upgrade and item manipulation; World screen, where the character moves around and may interact with other NPCs to get side quests; and a battle screen, which is self explanatory. 

Just had the other group members set up a bitbucket account. In course we were asked to install Deoxygen, which we’ll be using for the documentation. So far so good, I hope. 

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